Jan 172017

Mother Nature is surely making it difficult on our Nordic Ski Areas this winter.  Although we started the winter with great snow and several races the season is in a tail spin at the moment.  The last week has been devastating to the snow conditions in the Old Forge area.  With quite a bit of work from our trail crew, which is mostly one person-Peter Pepper-we were able to host a great JNQ this past weekend.  Now for the biathlon world!

Due to the warm weather and deteriorating weather conditions we are being forced to make some changes to our planned race for this weekend.  As we have posted, the Polar Bear Biathlon Club is planning a Pursuit race for Sunday, January 22nd.  This is now being changed to be a sprint race.  The distances will be 7.5 km and a short 10 km (about 9.6 km) in reality.  The course will be fast with hard pack snow and ice.  For those of you that raced here on January 1st, the course will be very similar.  We will have one exception, we will be giving time penalties for misses instead of requiring penalty laps.  That part of our course is very thin and could very easily be bare by Sunday.

We are still optimistic that we can pull this race off, but the final decision will be made on Friday afternoon late.  I will post on the Biathlon Webpage at that time as to whether it is a go or not.  Please pay attention for the update, the times of the race will likely be moved to 8:30 registration, 9:00 zero and 10:00 start.  At least the snow will be harder at that point in time.  More to come!


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