Sep 302020

Yes, there will be a Nordic ski racing season this winter. NYSSRA Nordic’s highest priority is to assure the health and safety of our members and skiing community – racers, their families, event organizers, officials, and volunteers. To affirm this position, NYSSRA Nordic representatives at the fall meeting focused discussion on how to implement safe, motivating, and successful competition for cross country, biathlon, and ski orienteering events amid precautions for the spread of COVID.

NYSSRA Nordic will be following federal, state, regional, and local rules for group sporting events and watching status updates regularly for whether gatherings can be held safely. We are currently working on specific guidance for NYSSRA sanctioned events, organizers, venue hosts, racers, officials, and volunteers on how to run races with appropriate precautions.

Ideas and resources are being reviewed from other Nordic race organizations across the country. Although it is a bit early to know exactly what limitations to expect in New York State, we do know that race formats will be different, participants will need to be safely distanced from others, face coverings will be required, and you can prepare to base out of your vehicle (like the ole “back-to-basics” experience that many of us remember). Watch for specific competition rules and guidelines in the coming months.

Meanwhile, NYSSRA Nordic has joined FIS and USSA policy in banning the use of fluorinated ski waxes in competition beginning 2020-21 racing season. Last spring NENSA set their prohibition of fluorinated waxes for New England race events. Specific information about NYSSRA Nordic’s “no fluor” wax policy and an honor system of self-enforcement will be posted this fall.

Yes, the winter of racing ahead may be different, but it will be worth your support and participation. If you need to renew your membership for 2020-21 on Ski Reg, you can do it here.

NYSSRA Nordic Executive Board


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