New York Biathlon Committee

The NYBC was established in 1989 to be the mediating/resolution committee on biathlon issues in New York. The Committee has handled such issues as petitions for ESG competition, relay team selection, schedule changes, venue changes due to inclement weather, and rules clarifications. It is endorsed by ESG, NYSSRA Nordic, the Empire Athletic Association, and the USBA. Every biathlete has the right to bring any concern to the State Biathlon Committee and State Chairman. It is this committee that will assess all sides of the issue(s) and render a final decision(s) to disputes, conflict and disagreements between individuals or clubs in the State. As applicable IBU rules will be implemented at all NYB sanctioned events, it is the IBU rules that will serve as a framework in the decision making process of the committee. All NYB members should be thoroughly familiar with the IBU rules as they apply to NY Biathlon.

New York Biathlon shall provide competitors with summer and winter biathlon events that are safe and fair abiding by all applicable IBU rules and in compliance with the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act and the USOC Guidelines.

For more information on the New York Biathlon Committee please see section 4 of the New York Biathlon Regulations.

For committeee members click here.

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