The Biathlon Development Fund – The development fund is financed by an assessment of $2 per participant in each of the regularly scheduled biathlon events and is used to cover club ammunition/equipment needs, supplementary expenses incurred by directors/volunteers/race organizers year-round, trailer expenses and entry fees/expenses if necessary for New York championship events.  Any requests for payment from the Development Fund are to be submitted through the Biathlon Chairman.

Target & Trailer Use Policy – NYSSRA-Nordic will have first priority for the use of the trailer and targets.  If the equipment is not scheduled for a NYSSRA-Nordic event, the equipment may be used by an outside organization under the following conditions:

•     A NYSSRA-Nordic member must be willing to act as a sponsor and transport the equipment.

•     A rental fee of $50 for the trailer and $5 per target will be assessed.*

•     Providing lodging and paying travel expenses (gas, tolls, food) are the responsibility of the renting organization.  Should the NYSSRA member  transporting the equipment wish to participate in the event, waving the registration fee would be an added courtesy.

•     The renting organization must accept full responsibility for the proper use and care of the equipment.

*     Part of each registration fee at regular NYSSRA events goes to a fund for the maintenance and repair of this equipment.  Therefore, it is appropriate that anyone who uses this equipment contribute to this fund.

*    Contact __________________________________________ for all trailer inquiries.

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