RIFLE SAFETY REQUIREMENT:  All biathletes must acknowledge the need for the highest level of safety during all events. 

•     All competitors must pass a rifle safety certification course before they can compete.  These safety courses are frequently provided prior to the start of an event.  The event organizer should be contacted as part of advanced registration to confirm that such a course will be offered.

•     Every athlete is expected to present a rifle safety certification card at registration. If the athlete does not have a card at registration, the points list can be used as a back-up.  If an individual does not have a card and is not on the points list, then they must participate in the Safety Clinic before they compete. 

Safety must always be the first consideration whenever handling a firearm.  Please read and practice the following safety rules for biathlon as disqualification (DSQ) can occur if they are not followed.  Every biathlete should be responsive to the actions of all persons handling firearms on and off the range. Any person observing a dangerous situation may call, “Cease fire.”  Any person observing an unsafe act has the responsibility to correct that act.

Safety Rules

•  Whenever the rifle is not on the competitor’s back, the bolt must be open.

•  Whenever a rifle is transferred between any two people, the bolt must be open.

Safety rules to be observed behind the firing line:

•  The rifle will have the chamber empty, bolt open, and magazine out at all times.

•  The rifle may not be aimed, dry fired, or brought to shoulder except in designated areas.

 Safety rules to be observed on the firing line:

•  Ammunition should be inspected for cleanliness and serviceability.

•  The rifle bore should be inspected to ensure it is clear.

•  Rifles should be pointed up or down range at all times.

•  All loading and unloading must be done with the barrel pointed in the direction of the target.

•  After firing, the rifle should be cleared by opening the bolt and visually inspecting the chamber.

•  Follow all special safety rules that pertain to the competition or practice.

General safety rules to be followed at all times:

•  Treat every rifle as if it were loaded.

•  Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.

•  Action should be kept open with bolts to the rear unless the shooter is on the firing line and the range officer gives the proper command.

•  All commands given by the range officer must be followed immediately.

•  Never handle a firearm on the line when someone is down range.

•  Upon finishing the race, all rifles are inspected.  A live round in either the chamber or a magazine in the receiver will result in immediate disqualification.

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