Oct 252012

Hello all

For race organizers…equipment control opens 15 minutes prior to the range opening and the event committee meets 30 minutes prior to the range opening to ensure all is in order to hold a safe, fair, and fun event

These time frames are in place to allow adequate timing for zeroing of rifles prior to the race.  Also at the finish, event staff are encouraged to check ski markings , if performed, take bibs after athlete has taken them off, have athlete open bolt (remember-event staff no longer touches the biathlete or their equipment) and any extra ammo can be handed to the finish event official-who can hold on to it or place it in a plastic bag and handed back to the athlete when they are out of the finish area…another measure of safety as any extra ammo will not be likely to be placed in the rifle.  It has not been uncommon for live rounds to be found at the finish line…athletes and staff walking on them


More to come


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