Dec 052018

Calling all early season biathletes!  The Polar Bear Biathlon Club is raring to go with their first Sprint Race of the season.  Since Sunday is December 30th, we are actually moving before New Year’s, but it still is a Resolution Day Race in our books!  We are holding registration at 8:30, with zero at 9 and the race kicks off at 10.  Pre-registration is appreciated, and you can do that by going to  Cost is $25 pre-registration, $30 day of race.  It is too late to be the first to register, but there is plenty of room for you to get your first race of the season under your belt.  With the early snow everyone has had time to be on skis, maybe even a couple of nordic races behind you, so come on up to McCauley Mountain in Old Forge to experience your first Biathlon this year!  All racers will ski the same distance, 7.5 km!  The snow is hard packed and we expect more over the next couple of weeks!  See you on the 30th!


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