I am reporting the biathlon race scheduled to take place on Saturday, July 1st has been […]
Let’s start the fireworks for Independence Day on Saturday July 1st! The Polar Bear Biathlon Club […]
Our Polar Bear Biathlon Sprint scheduled for Old Forge on February 19th has been canceled due […]
I regret having to cancel our race scheduled for this Sunday due to lack of racers! […]
Just making sure everyone knows we are one week away from our first biathlon of the […]
Yes, you read it correctly! We are going to try one more time! The Polar Bear […]
It looks like we will have snow for New Years! But, not enough to run a […]
In just 12 days the Syracuse/Polar Bear Biathlon Pursuit Race will take place. On Saturday, July […]
Registration is now open for the Syr/PB Sprint Race, part of the Pursuit Weekend. This year […]
Due to both the postponement of the Syracuse Biathlon Club Sprint Race on June 12th and […]
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