Due to both the postponement of the Syracuse Biathlon Club Sprint Race on June 12th and […]
The sign up for the Pursuit Challenge for June 13th is now live! Please go to […]
The Polar Bear Biathlon Community is planning to host a sprint race on January 31st. But, […]
Just a quick reminder that today is the last day to register for our Polar Bear […]
Calling all summer biathletes!  On Sunday, June 30th, the Polar Bear Biathlon Club will host their […]
The Polar Bear Biathlon Club will attempt to host a Biathlon Pursuit Race on March 10th […]
It is with great regret that the Polar Bear Biathlon Club is cancelling their biathlon race […]
Just a quick note to all potential biathlon racers that wanted to “just drive up and […]
Calling all early season biathletes!  The Polar Bear Biathlon Club is raring to go with their […]
Who will be the two new additions to the Challenge Weekend Plaque? Registration ends Friday for […]
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