The Polar Bear Biathlon Community is planning to host a sprint race on January 31st. But, with many restrictions. The first problem we must overcome is our current lack of snow. Currently we have approximately 5 inches of snow on our trails. But our rocks will require much more than that to be able to race our course. We do have several days of snow forecast over the next two weeks, but unfortunately we are also scheduled to have rain mixed in with this weather. So time will tell. If you decide to register for our race, on Skireg, be sure to check the weather before leaving to attend the race.

With our current COVID-19 conditions we will be observing the following restrictions: Maximum number of racers will be 15; There will be no novice class; All racers must wear a mask; there will be no day of race registration; racer fee will be $25; We will provide plastic bibs for all racers; Bib pickup and check payment will be from 8 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.; zero will begin at 8:30, groups of 5 will be allowed 20 minutes to zero; interval race start for five, after the last shooter finishes on the range the second group of interval starts will begin and so on; all racers will ski three 2.5 km loops; time penalties for each miss; no awards ceremony after the race; all results will be posted and awards will be mailed to you. There will be no use of the lodge facilities, Port-a-John will be available at race site.

If you are not feeling well on the day of the race do not attend. Anyone with a fever will not be allowed to race. Finally, the Mohawk Valley and specifically Oneida County are currently the highest COVID zone in the state. Please be careful, we don’t want to share the virus with you, nor do we want you to share it with us! Finally, pray for snow!



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