This year the 4th of July, our Independence Day, is on a Thursday. Many will be taking the rest of the week off to extend their celebration! What better way to celebrate than to take part in our Pursuit Challenge hosted by the Syracuse Biathlon Club and the Polar Bear Biathlon Club on July 6th and 7th! Take in the fireworks on the 4th and then come create more fireworks on the range at Osceola. Saturday, 7/6/24 will be the sprint, starting at 10 a.m. Registration will be at 8:30, zero at 9 and race start at 10. Please remember to take USBA’s Basic Rifle Safety Course online. We can provide the Assessment required to race. This race is also our traditional summer cookie award race! Race distance will be approximately 6 km; pre-registration is recommended. Race fees will be paid on day of race, 18 years of age and older $30, U18 is $20. Must be a USBA member, you can join for a day at the race ($20) and belong to New York Biathlon Club, you can join either Polar Bear or Syracuse at the race ($5).

On Sunday, 7/7/24, we will host a pursuit as the second half of the Challenge Weekend. Race distance will be approximately 7.5 km. Racers fees are the same as Saturday’s fees, unless you raced on Saturday. If you raced on Saturday, 18 or over is $20, U18 is $15. If you raced on Saturday, you only pay USBA Membership once for the weekend; you also only have to join a NYB Club once per weekend. We will follow pursuit format for the starting order and times. Once the first few racers have gone off the rest of the field, including those who didn’t race on Saturday, will start every15 seconds until all are out on the course. Registration will be at 10:30, zero at 11 and race start at 12 noon!

You can sign up for each of these races on Both are active at this time! We hope to see you at our annual summer pursuit challenge! See you on the range!



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