This year’s spring meeting is scheduled for May 17th in Old Forge at View Art Center.  The address is 3273 Route 28 Old Forge, NY.  Physically located north of the Enchanted Forest by about half a mile.  The meeting will begin at 9:30 and last until approximately 12:00 or 12:30.  We will need representation from all the biathlon clubs in New York to make some decisions for the upcoming summer and winter seasons.  The agenda will contain the following and more!

1.  Establishment of a committee to propose a 1st and 2nd VP for the future.

2.  Review of the past season-pros and cons!

3.  Tentative summer schedule

4.  Summer Junior Development Clinics

5.  Tentative Winter Schedule.

6.  New York State Nordic Championships/Biathlon Championships

7.  Race Results/Computer Programs/Race Organizers

As you can see we have some big topics for discussion and there are more.  Please make it a point to join us on the 17th to help New York Biathlon Grow!



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