Membership(s) Renewal Season

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Nov 082016

As winter rapidly approaches it’s that time of year when many of our memberships in various biathlon related organizations come due.  Take some time now to make sure you have joined/renewed any of the groups listed below.  This both supports our sport allowing us to hold the races and other events that we run plus it may save you a few dollars at an event.

Local Club – These are the lifeblood of NY biathlon (and US Biathlon if you want to get picky).  Our regional clubs are completely dependent on membership dues and race entries  in order to be able to hold races & clinics, purchase ammo and other equipment necessary to keep our sport going.  Contact your local club and ask how you can join & help out in the coming season.

US Biathlon – Our parent organization for biathlon is heavily dependent on membership fees.  Until Monday Night Biathlon gets picked up by ESPN the sponsorships and ad revenue in the US are fairly limited.  Dues are higher than what you’ll see for your local club but remember that by being a US Biathlon member you will not be charged the $10 Member-for-a-Day insurance fee at races.
US Biathlon Membership

NYSSRA – This is our state level group for all Nordic sports in NY.  If you are involved at all with other aspects of Nordic skiing (XC, Orienteering, Coaching, Officiating, Bill Koch) then be sure to sign up.  Family memberships are available along with NENSA racing license options
NYSSRA-Nordic Membership